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What is Platform for Planet, Place and People?

The Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health, along with partners, has introduced a digital platform named P4PPP (Platform for Planet, Place, and People). P4PPP is designed to be a user-friendly digital hub for universal health services, catering to the needs of individuals and the environment.

This platform plays a crucial role in responding quickly and comprehensively to pandemics, disasters, and planetary emergencies by implementing essential digital transformations. Additionally, it promotes the development of thriving communities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

P4PPP Components Summary


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Protect - 7+ Tools

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A Multi-Layered Approach for Safeguarding Health

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Our path towards a worldwide revolution for the well-being of the planet, its inhabitants, and fostering peace.

January 2020

Commencement of the commonwealth digital health fellowship programme

December 2020

Launch of the digital platform for Planet, Place and People (P4PPP)

January 2021

Evaluation framework for digital health solutions

April 2021

Arrival of the beta team of commonwealth digital health fellows

March 2022

Report on digital solutions for pandemic and global health security

July 2022

Gamma team of commonwealth digital health fellows joined the P4PPP initiative

June 2023

Report on the transformation of the climate crisis and our planetary emergency

September 2023

Delta team of commonwealth digital health fellows joined the P4PPP initiative

June 2024

Soft Launch of the Digital platform for P4PPP.

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